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(Customer Services)




  The Verification of your winnings has been Completed by the Verification   Committe and the Processing of your winnings has begins.You are to contact   the Delivery officer of the Payment parastatal with the following information   below:  

  Name:   George Morgan



Phone: +44   (0) 702 406 8293  

Facsimile:   +44 (0) 707 570 7821

 The   delivery department would be responsible for sending you the original copies   of those documents which would require your signature. When the documents are   couriered to you, you would sign them and return them to the courier   company,from where it would be forwarded to the lottery headquarters for   final payment of your prize money. Please oblige to follow their instructions   so the document can get to your present address on time.  


You are   required  to give The Courier Company your Name, telephone number   and address in case they need to contact you regarding the delivery. This   information will not be kept by Express or used by any other third party.  


Although   you will be asked to pay for the cost of delivery with the Courier Company in   the event of the delivery of your winning Draft/Document with the   1,450,000 POUNDS which you won.  


Note:Make   sure you file your claims properly to the delivery officer,winning   prize,winning number .At the time of payment of winning prize,10percent of   your winning prize will be paid to any charity home or childcare around   you,so please endeavour to send us address of any childcare of charity home   near you.  

Thanks for   your understanding.




Mr.   Duncan Blair.