Adams Kone

cooperative mines
Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire,
West Africa.

More gold dust along the length of time with the intention to transfer to a maximum quality of our products and mines and can provide up considerable 350KGS sale price of U.S. $ 8 000 per kilo

   the quality is more than 22 carats.
Procedure prior to the filing of payment, the buyer or buyer representative will be necessary here to discuss and confirm the stock, a sample will be taken and tested to confirm the quality, the stock will be sealed in metal boxes and deposited in a safe banks by both the seller and the buyer or buyers REPRESNTATIVE keeping security in both names,
We, at this stage to prepare export documents to air lift the stock to its final destination, A REPRESNTATIVE of our society with products to collect the balance due to the buyer response, we will give photocopy of all documents to the buyer or his representatives, the buyer collects the original certificate after the final phase of the goods, we pay a maximum of
Five percent (5) to Brokers, WILL BE THE SIGNEDLEGALLY, In addition, five percent (5) will be added to ALL LOSSED during refining.
We sincerely hope that the above information provided. You find your way clear and come to Abidjan and Burkina Faso United States soon to allow the liquidation of the
Transaction it in full. While hoping to hear from you in time.
We look forward to your cooperation in all matters relating to this transaction. Average while for the U.S. to conclude this transaction as soon as possible in time
Buyer we kindly request your contact information such as telephone and fax number for easy communication