24 Rue de marcony.
Bouake Cote d'ivoire.

Dear Belove One,
Please, kindly pardon me for any inconvenience this letter may cost you because I know it may come to you as a surprise as we'have no previous correspondence.I got your contact as i was searching for helping hand in your country ,this is why I decided to appeal to you directly for assistance because I' have no relations or friends in your country for help.
I am John  Dakotan the only son of late Chief.koffo Dakotan former director of Sierre Leone Gold and Diamond Corporation who was murdered by assailants believed to be working for his political enemies.
Shortly before this unfortunate incident, my father had informed me about an
important business deal he had executed with some of his colleagues in the office. He told me that he had diverted some money totaling fifteen million US dollars (US$15M) which they had realized from the sale of gold and diamonds in the black market.

He showed me some lodgement documents with which he had deposited the money encased in a trunck box with a security /safe deposit company in Abidjan, Cote d Ivoire.He informed me in confidence that seciurity company did not know the exact contents of the box ; rather, he told them that it contained African art work that he had assembled for his overseas partner who would soon be coming to claim them for exportation.

As a result of this explanation, the box was accepted for safe-keeping by the
security company without inspection. When the political situation in Freetown, Sierre Leone worsened, I escaped into Abidjan, Cote d Ivoire with my only younger sister and had since contacted the security company, identified myself properly and informed them about the sad fate my father had suffered.

I presented the lodgement documents and they confirmed that they have the trunk box in their vault. So I informed them that I intend initiating contacts with my fathers overseas partner who owns the consignment so that he can come and take delivery of it. My decision to retrive this box, transfer the money and start a new life forms the basis of this enquiry from you.

Now my 15-years-old sister and myself are alone in this strange country suffering without any care or help. without any relation, we are now like refugees and orphans. Our only hope now is in this fund our father deposited in the Security company to this effect, I humbly solicit your assistance in the followings ways,to assist me claim this fund from the Security Company as my father's business parthner abroad and co-beneficiary, to retrieve this money from the Security Company in your name  and trasfer it to your country, to make a good arrangement for a joint business investment on our behalf in your country and you as the caretaker,to secure a college for my little sister and my self in your country to further our education and to make arrangement for our travel with you to your country after you have transferred this fund.

If you can assist me on these  points above, I shall give you 10% of the total
money while setting aside 5% for all incidental expenses that may arise in the course of actualising the transaction (such expenses as phone calls fax messages ) Please i need to inform you that this matter is confidential, I want you to treat it as such please.
Best regards,
John & Sister Mariam