Assalamou  Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu
               {Peace, Mercy and Blessing of Allah be upon you}

With a very desperate need for assistance,I have summed up courage to contact you.
My name is Mrs cynthia Abbas  a widow from sudan presently in Thailand under united nations protection,my late husband who use to be one of the top officers in oil sector also in charge of reviving royalties from the Miltie-national oil companies under the Government of sudan,unfortunately was ambushed and killed in 2007 on his way to peace- keeping talk in the oil producing communities in dafur region.

As for the fund is cool and fairly huge $5.6m well secured in {safe financial keeping company here in Thailand and is transferable}once the right partner surface, it had been deposited since 2007 before his death for investment purposes in asia and beyond,at first i assure you that this transaction is pure and 100% risk free if you 're willing.

All the vital documents relating to the fund is with me and my children{a son and a daughter} this fund is the future of our of family for their advance education. We intend investing this huge in asia in other to move completely from this political and uncivilized part of the world {sudan} Please for Allah sake we want you to be our eyez in business investment,buying house,and guilding my son in their educational career because we are not much civilize and have no experience on how to utilize this fund properly and cannot afford to make mistakes in relying in our own understanding that is my reason of sending this mail to you for help i mean well for
you i hope you understand my position as a widow.

Some percentage will be offer to you as compensation for your assistance is open and(negotiable)must be profitable in the best interest of both parties concern, it will be discuss when i recieve your willingness to partner and share with us.

Abdul-Razaaq Abbas {son}