Hello Dear.

Greetings to your family.

I hope this mail meets you well and that you read it with understanding. First let me introduce myself properly. My Name is Miss Collette BOURGOIS. My mother, Mrs Jennifer R. BOURGOIS is from Drummond Ville Canada and my father, Mr Williams D. BOURGOIS is from New York USA. My parents meet and got married in the United States of America and I am their only child bore in the sates before my father and my mother join the ancestors.

We have being leaving happily before on the 19th of September 2007 we had a motor accident and my mother died on the spot and my father was taking to the STAMFORD hospital New York and after a month he died and he was buried on the 28 of October 2007, now leaving me alone with this wicked world.

So the only thing left for me now is this money $4.265million he deposited with a bank in New York USA. My late father told me that there is a bank deposit documents in his breif case before his death, he told me that encase he died that I should look for a foreigner who will help me to transfer the money to his/ her account and that I should join you after later.

Now you are the only person I am telling about this now. So please I need your assistant to present you to the bank as my late father's business partner so that this money will be transfered to your account in your country and I will come over to your country immedently the transfer is completed. Please I want to know if I can trust you because I do not want anything to happen to this money because this is the only thing I have now so please get back to me if you will help me with your full names, contact address, Tel/ fax numbers, date of birth so that I will introduce you to the bank as my late father's business partner.

Thanking you for your time.

Your Faithful,
Miss Collette BOURGOIS.