Dearest one in the Lord,

I am Mrs ARIANNA RICHARD, born 20 August 1935, hailed from Cote D'Ivoire. I am suffering from

Throat Cancer and I am suffering very bitterly as I write you this message with help of a nurse
in the  hospital.

My doctor just informed me that my days are counted  considering my health status. My matrimonial situationis that I lost  my husband and Two kids in Motor accident on 25 December 2008, So I have neither a husband nor children now whom I can WILL my  heritage.

This is why I want a gracious way to help the less-privileged, widows, poor and the needy.
wished to give you  this very heritage amounting the sum of (SEVEN Millions Five hundred  Thousand )

United States Dollars for the Charity. I count on your  sincere willingness to employ this fund in a Godly manner

I will wait to get your news soon With Good Heart From GOD, accept my cordial salutations.