Hello Dear,

I am Moureen Lyon,a Chartered Portfolio Manager(CPM) with the External Division of British Stock
Market,one of the oldest Clearinghouse and a major financial service provider in Europe.

My primary duties are investment counselling and Portfolio Investment management in the FDI
sector, these entails managing all sort of investment portfolios (such as stocks, bonds, futures
and future options etc) with a limited power of attorney to operate clients accounts on the
purpose of buying and selling of shares and other investment purposes that will yield interest to
capital without requiring further client's approval for investment purposes.

I am a British citizen who travels across Europe on a regular bases due to the nature of my job,
What I am about  to disclose to you is highly confidential and I trust that you will not betray
the confidence I am reposing in you.

In carrying out my duties as external investment manager, I handle all our
investors Direct Capital Funds and was able to confidentially extract 1.2% from all Investment
Returns Earned from several investors on the underlying assets over a period of 3years.

>From this expertise arithmetic, I am able to accumulate the sum £2.8M from the investor's EMCRP.
The company annual report has been duly concluded and dividends declared while clients are much
happier with the annual returns than the previous years under review.

I am here by looking for some one to trust who can stand as an investor to
receive this fund as annual Investment Proceeds from ABN AMRO EQUITIES UK LTD.

I assure you that all well made and successful bank directors and stock brokers all over the world
has participated in one time or the other in this deduction racket and are still in it today, once
clients are satisfied with the annual earnings the deal is as good as being concluded.

I have nurtured and protected this deal for the past three years and if I am
assured of your interest, honesty and capability, If we both agree on an
acceptable memorandum of understanding, I will open an On Line Investors Account with Nationwide
Ich UK using this accumulated Fund as initial account deposit for investment. I have master plan
for the withdrawals which I shall forward to you for your perusal.

My major reason for contacting you is that I have decided to move this  Fund at this time out of
England and to my partner's country because final external
audit has been conducted without trace of the said deductions.

What I need is someone trustworthy to receive the money for me in a legitimate manner of a stock
investor and I hope you might fit that profile.

I have made all the arrangements and plans to enable me to move the money from England to a
country of my choice without hindrance. For your assistance and help in receiving this money, you
will benefit a reasonable part of the total money as we may both agree.

Please help to clear this money it has been here for three years without traces.

This is a racket for the intellectuals, core/real investors and still remain
sacred to the public.

Should you be interested, please email me with your consent for further

Yours faithfully,

Moureen Lyon

email: ml221@live.fr