Dear Respectful One,

Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship with you. I got your contact from the International web site directory. I prayed over it and selected your name among other names due to it's esteeming nature and the recommendations given to me as a reputable and trust worthy person I can do business with and by their recommenddations I must not hesitate to confide in your for this simple and sincere name is Miss Wumi Abdul the only Daughter of late Mr and Mrs George Abdul from Guinea Bissau in West Africa.

I contacted you to know if you can be of help and assist me and my brother over our inheritance deposited for us by my late father who died as a result of poison from his business associates in Abidjan Cote d Ivoire West Africa.
After the death of my father I and my younger brother  try to seek asylum to London but I was successful and my brother  is still in the refugee camp in Abidjan Cote d Ivoire .
Before the death of my father he deposited the sum of US$12,500 000.00 with a security company .
During the deposit he agreed with the security company that his foreign partner will come for the collection of the money which he deposited and declared with them as family valuables in a trunk box. Due to the agreement he made with the Security company I and my ked brother cannot make this claim without presenting a foreigner who will stand and act on our behalf as the foreign partner to my late father. I could have chosen someone in africa but they are very greedy . I will not like to do anything with them.
This is why he told me before his death to look for a reliable and trust worthy foreigner who will assist me in this regard if anything wrong happens to him.
Now that he have been poisoned to death I and my brother are calling for your assistance to help us get this money into your account so that we can have access to the money in your country.
Most importantly, during the deposit he did not expose the real content of the box as he deposited and declare it as family valuables. So you will not let any body know the real content of the box as only both of us and i my brother knows the real content of the box.
Secondly, you will also help us to invest the money in your country while me and ked brother  will come over to meet you for business investments which you will advise. In all to be our guardian as we don't have any body now to look after our welfare.
Once you get the money into your account you will send some money for us to prepare our travelling documents to meet you in your country.

To enable you act on our behalf send to me your current telephone and fax numbers, Full name and address, which I will submit to the security company informing them that you are my father's foreign partner and co- beneficiary to this box through my younger brother.
Once I receive your next mail i will give you the contact of the security company for you to make contact with them on our behalf. I will also release the certificate of deposit for you so that you will contact them without any mistake.
Please we need urgent attention to this problem as all our hope depends in this money to survive in life.
For your kind assistance i and my younger brother  have resolved to give 15% of the total sum for your kind gesture to assist us in this transaction.Please our future is in your hands.
Help us and God will bless you in all.
Contact me with my email address;(
Waiting for your quick response
From Miss Wumi Abdul