How does the design of a corporate or Industrial building affect the
success of that company? To followers of vastu, design and layout are
everything. In
India & now all over world also, this ancient
tradition is one of the first considerations when starting a
business, choosing its physical location, renovating the site and
completing its design. Many big companies have consulted vastu 
practitioners, because they know that the proper use of vastu can
enhance their businesses.

Today's  business owners realize that environment plays a huge part
in a buyer's or employee's emotions. Employees are happier in
harmonious surroundings. Buyers are more eager to purchase in healthy


In order to increase profits, employees or workers must be
comfortable in their working environment, if they are; they will work
harder and therefore increase production & profits, simple really. So
how do you go about it? There are certain things that can be done
naturally by applying vastu principles at your site.


How to get vastu advice:- Send us a complete layout of your premises by email along with direction marked on it. We will ask some basic information for the preparation of vastu report.


With Best Wishes


Vastu Plus Team 


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