>From the desk of Honourable Commissioner for Finance
Delta State-Nigeria
email: mrgeorgeorogun@live.com

Attention: Friend,

                            Re: CONTRACT PAYMENT

I am George Orogun,Honourable Commissioner for Finance Delta State of Nigeria.My office handles all financial payment in Delta State concerned with foreign purchases/contract payments executed within and outside the state. I am the final signatory to approval/remittance of all financial payment. I have on my desk payments file for foreign purchases of ghost contract awarded by formal Commissioner for Finance which could only be paid to a foreign beneficiary account.

I seek your consent to present you among the people expecting their contract payment on the note that i have a deal with you as regards to the unpaid certified contract funds.

I have every files/data's before me and the deal will be to change to your name to enable you receive the fund as the beneficiary of the contract payment of $25.5M USD.I have the opportunity to write you based on the instructions i received 2 days ago from the executive Governor of Delta State through State House of Assembly Committee on Contract payments/Debts reconciliation to submit the List of payment reports /expenditures and audited reports of revenues among several others, I have decided to remit this sum to you under an agreement as a business deal and i will do this legally.


1. You will give me 50% of your contract funds as soon as you’re paid.
2. This deal is 100% risk free, and all correspondence will be strictly by email/telephone no fax for security purposes.
3.There should be no third parties as most problem associated with type of business deals are caused by your agents or representative.

If you AGREE with my conditions, I will proceed to fixing your name on the Payment schedule instantly to meet the ten days mandate and advise you on how to commence the process without delay, if you are willing and ready to carry out this deal with me, I advise you furnish me with the listed information below to enable me makes the necessary changes on the file and documents to your name as the beneficiary.

1. Your full names
2. Home/Office address.
2. Your cell phone line.
3. Scan copy of you passport photo.

For security reasons send a copy of your response to my personal e-mail address at:{mrgeorgeoroguns@live.com} At the receipt of your mail, I will direct you on what to do.

I am waiting for your reply.

Best Regards
Mr.George Orogun
Honourable Commissioner for Finance