First of all I will like to thank you for given your attention to read my mail and for your interest,I pray that my plan with you shall be of good success. Well, I will go ahead to explain little about myself, I am Ms. Anna Ilouba and from Morovia Liberia  in West Africa. There is crisis in my country so I ran to where I am from contacting you today. I am 20yrs  and was still in school when my parent and my only sister died , that was during the period when Mr. Tailor was president refused to step down. I am the only surviving child now left.

My father Dr Peter  was a diamond dealer and was one of those people who was revolting  against the leadership of Mr Charles Tailor. One day he sent his boys to set our house on fire killing my presents and my younger sister . I was so lucky to be in school then that was why I am alive today. I meet with our family lawyer and find out that my father wishes me a brighter future, he left in my possession some amount of money for my future plan and of his direction in his will . He made some deposit for me with a bank outside liberia. The reason why I am contacting you is to know if I can really obtain this favour from you to go into a good plan of investment in your own country. I have no idea of investment that is the main reason why I ask for your attention for your advise and standing behind me to invest my inheritance in your country. My father left Ten million United States Dollars (US$10.000.000 ) for me.

If you wish to be of this assistance to me, pls do tell me more about yourself for me to also know you better and also your words of advise for the procedure of this transaction. I have made up my mind concern the area of rewarding you back with some percentage of the total money as soon as the money is been transfer to your position.

Please contact me with this email address : 

Thanks and remain bless.

Best regards.
Ms. Anna
email: ilouba10anna@yahoo.co.jp