Dear friend,

I am the Chairman of the Crude Oil Allocation Committee of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), By virtue of my position I can influence your registration as a sales representative of the oil corporation.

As a sales representative you will be given a Bonny Light Crude Oil allocation without having to pay for it. You will only pay the cost of the crude oil after you have sold it. Your gain will be the commission which you are entitled to as a sales representative after the sale of the product.

I am making this contact to you to seek your co-operation so that we can work together as partners to actualize the above goal.

I cannot do it directly because as the Chairman of the Allocation Committee my direct participation in this business will mean using my office for personal  interest. That will expose me to prosecution as the law here does not permit that.

The allocation that will be issued to you is confirmable at Lloyd of London and also on Shell Screen. These are the two bodies that confirm crude oil transaction in the world.

The confirmation will make every buyer see that the transaction is real and that you have legal right over the allocation.

If you are interested in this business please, get back to me so that I can brief you more.


Johnson Hill,