Miss. glad  Williams
Lot 1258 Abidjan
Cote d' Ivoire.
Pls reply me at glad_williams49@yahoo.com


Hello Dear

How are you today, Hope my email finds you in good and Healthy Condition.

Pls kindly Permit me introduce myself to you.

I am glad Williams 22years old female from Serria Leone in West Africa. i
am a university undergraduate before i left my country to Abidjan cote d
ivoire. Due to the death of my late parents along with my younger brother
Luis who died of  Poison in 2006.

Since then i have been finding it very hard to survive, As a result of the
death of my parent i have to drop out of the University, Presently i am
living in a Church here in abidjan.

Pls i want to seek your help  for the Release and transfer my Inheritans of
$7.5million us dollars deposited in a TrunkBox in one of the reputable
Security Company(As family Valueables) here in Abidjan by my late father Mr
Russel Williams who was a Diamond and Gold Business Exporter before his
death, to your Country where i hope to complete my Education and as well
invest the Money wisely under your care.

Pls i kindly permit to ask you this few Question:

1. Can you help me sincerely from your Heart ?
2. What percentage will be ok for you after the Consignment  must have been
Delivered to you over there in your country ?
3. Can you be able to come down to Abidjan to complete the Transaction in
Person ?
4. Can you help me to get my visa and comeover with you first,befor transaction?
Pls email me Today,so i can give you more details regarding how you can
help me .
I await your urgent response today.

Thanks and GOD bless you.
Pls reply me at glad_williams49@yahoo.com