Hi Dear,

My name is Mr. Adams Ahmed Omar, the first son of  Rtd. Col. Hassan Ahmed Omar,
of sudan My father was the officer in charge of securities in Juba Gold mind.
Before One of his boys was arrested in Saudi for illegal Gold sales in Saudi
Arabia and, after interrogations he mentioned of my father's name. After six
months he was arrested and put into jail.

But before he was arrested, he has deposited the total sum of $6,200,000:00 in a
Private security company with my  name, which I am the only person that has the
documents in South Africa, But now is like I and my mother is under on house arrest,
but I managed to ran away to Dubai. I can not travel back to my country Sudan,
due to this problem of my father until the Court  discharge his case.Now we need
money to get a good lawyer to stand for him.

The government has frozen all his local account and his properties...Pending when
the court will free him, please I will be glad if you can receive this money on
our behalf,in your country, I will like to relocate to your country, if only you
can help me out. What I will do is to ask the security company to do the change
of ownership in your name, so they can send the money to you in your country or
a near by country. What I want from you is your contact address, phone/mobile

I am ready to give you 35% of the total sum. While 5% will be use to upset the
local and international expenses during the cost of this transactions. Please if
you are ready to assist do send to me your contact information’s. Contact address
and your phone/mobile numbers.

Please I am waiting for your reply.

Mr. Adams Ahmed Omar
+971 507552954