Head office in South London.
CAFOD, Romero Close, Stockwell Road, 
London SW9 9TY United Kingdom.

To the Beneficiary, 

This is to get to your knowledge that the above named organisation in London have released the sum of $200.000.00 which will be used in assisting the less priviledged people and orphanages/Widows in your country for the poverty alliviation programme in the world.

We have candidly appointed you as the legal recipient of this fund since we are unable to reach the aformentioned people direct from our Organisation in Your Country and you were appointed with trust that you will not betray this Organisation and kindly know that we will investigate wheather you utilised the said fund to the mentioned people in need as we have directed. 

We will get you informed on how you will claim this fund as soon as you replied to this Email notice and do send your Full address and Phone Numbers.

Yours Faithfully
Mr Chris Bain.