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Dear friend,

How are you today? Hope you are doing well.

I sent a very confidential letter to you a month ago and the letter was returned back to me. I did not know why my letter was returned.

Anyway, my name is Dr. Chikewela M. Ahmed. I am a civil servant (Former Chief Accountant) of the Ministry of Aviation here in Abuja, Nigeria.

My purpose of sending this E-mail to you is to seek for your sincere and honest cooperation to assist me to transfer the sum of US$26,750,000.00 into any of your bank account which has been approved for payment by the Federal government.

The approval was made by the instruction of the Acting President as a sign of good governance after two and half years I retired as the Chief Accountant.

My main reason for seeking for your cooperation in this transaction is as a result of my interest in two particular things from your country; namely.

1. To assist me find a good house for sale, where I would like to leave with my family.

2. To advise me on any viable business opportunity in your country or any nearby country where I can invest part of my money.

I will give you Twenty-five percent (25%) of the total money for any expenses you would incur for the success of this transfer and also for your sincere and honest cooperation.

This business transaction (Project) is risk free and has nothing to do with your personality.

Please, I advise you to keep this proposal to yourself, while I wait for your sincere and honest reply at, honesty20000@ciudad.com.ar

God be with you.

My personal regards,

Dr. Chikewela M. Ahmed.
E-mail:- honesty20000@ciudad.com.ar